Requirements for Suppliers

Hafslund E-CO’s Requirements for Suppliers and Subcontractors

Requirements for Suppliers

Prequalification system

Hafslund E-CO AS’s principles for procurements are intended to ensure that all procurements are cost-effective, professional and in the best interests of the Group.
Hafslund E-CO AS uses the Achilles Utilities NCE prequalification scheme to select suppliers, which means that Suppliers must be qualified under the system to be awarded a contract. You can read more about the Utilities NCE scheme at

PO Box 1817
NO-4801 Arendal, Norway
Tel. +4737 06 35 30

Audits and inspections

Hafslund E-CO AS has the right to conduct audits and inspections at the Supplier and Subcontractors in order to check that the Delivery satisfies the terms of the Contract. The Supplier shall assist in conducting these audits and inspections and the Parties shall cover their own costs in this connection.

In the event of non-conformances, the Supplier shall as soon as possible and at its own expense make the necessary corrections and arrange a new audit and/or inspection.

The Purchaser’s right to conduct an audit applies for up to two years after the expiry of the Guarantee Period.

Working conditions etc.

Everyone who works at the Supplier shall have regulated pay and working conditions and be treated in accordance with national rules in the country of performance, as well as internationally recognised principles and guidelines related to human rights, employee rights, child labour, the environment etc.

For areas covered by the Regulation on general application of collective agreements, the Supplier shall ensure that employees in its own organisation and employees of Subcontractors do not experience poorer pay and working conditions than under national collective agreements etc. for the industry in question. This only applies to employees who directly contribute to fulfilment of the Supplier’s obligations under the Contract.

All agreements that the Supplier enters into with Subcontractors shall contain similar obligations. This also applies as far as possible to Subcontractors other than those who directly contribute to fulfilment of the Supplier’s obligations under the Contract.

At the request of Hafslund E-CO AS, the Supplier shall present documentation of the applicable pay and working conditions for the Delivery.

Hafslund E-CO AS and the Supplier may each demand that the information be presented to an independent Third Party that Hafslund E-CO AS has commissioned to investigate whether the requirements of this provision have been satisfied. The Supplier may require that the independent Third Party sign a declaration stating that the information will not be used for purposes other than securing fulfilment of the Supplier’s obligation under this provision. The duty of documentation also applies to Subcontractors who directly contribute to fulfilment of the Supplier’s obligations under the Contract, and as far as is practicable to Subcontractors other than those who directly contribute to fulfilment of the Supplier’s obligations under the Contract.

Delivery work that is performed at Hafslund E-CO AS shall be performed within the framework of the working time scheme and the working time arrangements that apply at the workplace, as well as national and local provisions relating to safety regulations, the environment and protective measures. Attention is drawn in particular to the local provisions on entry, exit and control. These control provisions apply in full to all of the Supplier’s and Subcontractor’s personnel.

Health, safety and the environment (HSE) and conduct with regard to the external environment

The Supplier shall have an HSE (health, safety and the environment) standard that as a minimum corresponds to prevailing laws, regulations and local rules, including requirements for HSE cards at the facility in question.
The Parties undertake to:

  • inform their own employees, Subcontractors and others who participate in the Delivery about which HSE rules apply •immediately notify each other of all accidents and undesired incidents in connection with the Contract
  • immediately notify each other if they become aware of matters that could result in harm to people, property or the environment

In the event of material and/or repeated breaches of HSE and/or OHS provisions, Hafslund E-CO AS has the right to withhold a proportional part of the contract sum until it has been documented that the matter has been rectified.

Hafslund E-CO AS shall notify the Supplier of matters that have been identified and set a reasonable deadline for rectifying the matters.

If the matters cannot be rectified by the deadline, Hafslund E-CO AS may rescind the Contract.

Occupational injury insurance (in buildings/facilities and for high-risk work)

Hafslund E-CO AS requires that all suppliers have statutory occupational injury insurance for the Supplier’s own permanent and temporary employees who perform work related to the Contract.

Use of permanent employees

Hafslund E-CO AS wishes suppliers/subcontractors to use permanent employees to perform the contractual work wherever possible. Hafslund E-CO AS expects the Suppliers/subcontractors to use permanent employees in an at least 80 per cent position for performance of the contract.

Skilled workers (in buildings/facilities and high-risk work)

Hafslund E-CO AS requires at least 50 per cent of employees engaged in building and construction work or working in high-risk areas to be professionally qualified.

Use of apprentices

Hafslund E-CO AS requires a minimum of 10 per cent of apprentices to be in areas employed on contracts with requirements for apprentices.


Hafslund E-CO AS would prefer that only one layer of subcontractors be used. LanguageKey individuals on projects shall understand and be able to make themselves understood in Norwegian.