Our social responsibility

Reliable producer and supplier of renewable energy

Hafslund E-CO owns, develops and operates hydropower plants and critical infrastructure, helps maintain the supply demand balance in the market and sells power in the wholesale market. In addition, the Group contributes to develop smart electrification solutions through their innovation and business development activities. The Group’s business creates significant socio-economic ripple effects, contributes to long-term job security and safeguards society’s supply of clean energy.

Society expects an uninterrupted supply of energy. Hafslund E-CO’s social responsibility is to ensure safe and reliable production and supply of renewable energy and development of a smart and fully electric zero emission society.

The hydropower industry, with its reservoir power plants, provides renewable power production, also during periods of low precipitation. This allows the Group to contribute to the efficient utilisation of hydropower resources and to the balance and quality of the power system. The Group continuously works to increase power production and thereby reduce Norway and Northern Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions in the long term.