Other social involvement

Other social involvement

In addition to creating jobs, paying taxes and fees, increasing demand for local goods and services and securing the power supply, the Group’s activities also contribute to society in other ways.

By-products of production

A by-product of watercourse development is a surplus of material in the form of rock and crushed stone. This material is delivered to depots which can be used for local community development. Our production operations work to ensure that surplus material can be used locally as part of road construction, cement production or other purposes that benefit society.

Children and young people

The Group has set aside funds to support the activities of children and youth in their local communities. Financial support is provided to sports teams, associations and young sporting and cultural talents in the local communities where Hafslund E-CO has major production facilities, such as in Aurland, Hallingdal, Innlandet and Viken. Hafslund E-CO is a partner for the Energy Centre at Hunderfossen Family Park, an experience centre that focuses on hydropower and other renewable energy.

Oslo was European Green Capital in 2019 and in this regard Hafslund E-CO arranged a climate week for school children. 30 classes from the seventh grade had an exciting day visiting a power plant and discussing how we may achieve a renewable and fully electric future.

Innovation and branding

Innovative is one of the Group’s values. Innovative means, among other things, the ability to continuously improve and challenge the operations. A lot of our effort is to put new tools and technology to use, but we also work to find new and more efficient solutions for our operations, maintenance and development effort. One example of this is our cooperation with the technology company Cognite regarding digitalisation of the power plants. In 2019 a pilot was developed at our Nes power plant where the ambition is to make use of sensor data to optimise operational- and maintenance procedures.

At Hafslund E-CO, our employees are searching for the solutions of tomorrow and our collaboration with StartupLab is part of our efforts to strengthen innovation work in the Group. Through the cooperation with StartupLab, pilots for good solutions are developed. If a pilot is considered business viable, Hafslund E-CO may invest in the concept. One such example is Heimdall Power, who delivers digitalisation solutions for grid infrastructure.

Hafslund E-CO also participates, as one of a few industrial partners, in the Antier-programme, a programme that connects entrepreneurs with established industry partners to validate ideas at an early stage. Hafslund E-CO is also one of 15 participants in the innovation project Mobilitetsfloken. The project target is to find new solutions to challenges related to urbanisation and transportation needs.

Climate and the environment

Hafslund E-CO collaborates with the environmental organization Zero. Zero has a strong professional apparatus and is a good sparring partner for the Group on the issues of energy production and electrification. The cooperation with Zero has focused on support to establish emission free construction sites, as well as cooperation to improve the framework conditions for renewable energy.

Humanitarian initiatives

The Group partners with the Norwegian Red Cross. The largest share of our support goes to international “Water for Life” projects. Clean water is crucial not only in the acute phase after disasters, but also in long-term humanitarian work. Further support for the Red Cross goes to Norwegian Red Cross Search and Rescue Corps, primarily in the areas where the Group operates.

The Group also partners with the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation. This partnership contributes to enhancing the expertise of the emergency services personnel in Hallingdal. With its helicopter base in Ål, the Norwegian Air Ambulance provides safe, fast and efficient ambulance service for the entire region.


Hafslund E-CO owns and manages Hafslund Manor in Sarpsborg. Since the 1400s, Hafslund Manor has been a manor house of international quality. Today, it offers a beautiful historical backdrop for courses, conferences, weddings and other special events. The manor is used both internally and externally in a variety of ways. The main house is open for guided tours and certain events. The park is always open to the public.

On the road to a renewable and fully electric future

Environment, sustainability and corporate social responsibility are central to Hafslund E-CO. By working continuously on projects that contribute to lasting value creation, such as by replacing fossil energy sources with clean energy, the Group plays an important role in a sustainable society on the road to a renewable and fully electric future.