Ny Energi

Electrification solutions of the future

Ny Energi

Ny Energi, menaning New Energy, is a company in the Hafslund E-CO Group, with a business area of ​​innovation and business development to create the electrification solutions of the future. This is done both through internal, innovative projects, and through investments and active ownership in start-ups that are at the forefront of their field.

Hafslund E-CO aims to be one of the most innovative companies in the power industry. This means that the Group will lead the way in digitizing the electric value chain. The electric value chain will in the future be able to form the core of the infrastructure and help create smart cities, with smart construction sites, smart public transport solutions and prepare for a renewable and fully electric future. Ny Energi plays a key role in ensuring that Hafslund E-CO succeeds with its ambitious ambition to be an innovative driver in the power industry.

Ny Energi wants to participate in the entire electrical value chain and believes that there are economies of scale in the operation and ownership of electrical infrastructure. The company is constantly working to test and develop new business concepts, and search for good and innovative investment objects.

The business concepts Ladeklar and Hafslund Rådgivning have been launched in the market in 2019, and a letter of intent has also been entered with the Port of Oslo to establish a joint company to build, own and operate zero discharge solutions in the port areas of Oslo. Ny Energi is also working on projects that include street charging, electrification of public transport and local production and storage of energy using solar, hydrogen and batteries.

Hafslund Rådgivning offers consultancy in the field of sustainable deployment of electrical infrastructure and new energy solutions.

Ladeklar is building and operating electricity charging infrastructure for both co-owners and housing cooperatives, and at the beginning of 2020 has signed contracts covering more than two thousand parking spaces, as well as a contract for the operation of 100 charging boxes in an office building in central Oslo.