About us

Nedre otta dam eidefossen

Hafslund E-CO AS is an integrated energy and infrastructure group that is wholly owned by the City of Oslo.

Merging with Eidsiva

On October 1, 2019, the companies in the Hafslund E-CO and Eidsiva Energi groups were merged. It strengthened the environments within both hydropower generation and grid operations. Hafslund E-CO's focus on start-ups and innovative electrification solutions has also been strengthened with Eidsiva Energi on the owner’s side.

Power Generation

Hafslund E-CO owns 57.2 percent of the jointly owned power generation company with E-CO Energi and Eidsiva Vannkraft. In addition to operating an annual production of more than 20 TWh, the new production company owns hydroelectric power plants which together produce more than 17 TWh, enough power to supply more than 2.2 million people. The power plants are in Oslo and the counties of Akershus, Østfold, Buskerud, Oppland, Hedmark, Sogn og Fjordane and Vest-Agder.

Network Operations

Hafslund E-CO has significant ownership in grid operations through its 50 per cent stake in Eidsiva Energi. Eidsiva Energi owns 100 per cent of the shares in Hafslund Nett, which will be merged with Eidsiva Nett into a new grid company with around 900,000 customers. The network area includes Oslo, most of Akershus and Østfold, as well as large parts of Hedmark and Oppland.

Ny Energi

Hafslund E-CO has a 65 per cent interest in Ny Energi – a company that utilizes the expertise of the companies to create new growth opportunities, with the main emphasis on electrification. New Energy builds new business through acquisitions, organic growth and partnerships that can help Hafslund E-CO's vision of a renewable and fully electric future.

Hafslund E-CO has a 49 per cent interest in Fredrikstad Energi AS, and is a part owner in Northconnect, which is planning a direct connection to Scotland.