The coronavirus - measures in Hafslund E-CO

Photo: CDC, Alissa Eckert

As a power producer, Hafslund E-CO has implemented a number of measures to maintain a secure power supply in a situation where access to electricity will be critically important for the entire population.

Hafslund E-CO follows closely the guidelines of the Institute of Public Health and the advice that the authorities recommend. At the same time, we have a close dialogue with NVE and the Directorate for Social Security and emergency preparedness, to ensure security of supply.

- We are committed to taking corporate social responsibility by trying to limit contagion while at the same time taking steps to ensure the continuous operation of our critical infrastructure, says CEO Finn Bjørn Ruyter.

Hafslund E-CO has implemented the emergency response organization, which meets regularly and discusses and implements measures on an ongoing basis. Executive Vice President Production, Alf Inge Berget is emergency response manager. Hafslund E-CO has contingency plans for dealing with pandemics and these have been reviewed and used in emergency preparedness work.

Measures have been put in place to shield critically important personnel. Operationally critical personnel are in several places divided into smaller units with different meeting places, so that the risk of infection is reduced. All employees who can carry out their work from home, work from home.

Measures taken:

  • The contingency organization has been implemented and all employees are continuously informed about the contagion situation and measures taken.
  • Participation in all types of external and internal physical events is limited.
  • Digital interaction platforms are used as much as possible over physical meeting.
  • All employees who can have a home office, work from home.
  • Service trips are severely limited and already planned trips are re-evaluated. Internal business travel is also minimized.
  • All canteens are closed.
  • Measures have been implemented for more frequent cleaning and disinfection of door handles, contact surfaces etc.


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