For a renewable and fully electric future

Hafslund E-CO AS is an integrated energy and infrastructure group that is wholly owned by Oslo City Council.

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Clean and responsible energy production

100 per cent of Hafslund E-CO's power generation is renewable. Emissions from one of Hafslund E-CO's power stations are typically about 2-3 kg CO2 / MWh, which is 5 per cent of CO2 emissions from an average power plant in the EU.

Our power plants

Nedre Otta Dam

Clean energy





17 400 000 000

Production in kWh

789 000 000

NOK contributed
to host counties in 2019

Electrification of Norway

Through our projects, advisory services and Ladeklar, Hafslund Eco delivers electrification services to all of Norway. Our service offerings stretches from habitants in cooperatives to large harbors.

Our electrification services

Charging in Oslo

COVID-19 - measures in Hafslund E-CO

As a power producer, Hafslund E-CO has implemented a number of measures to maintain a secure power supply in a situation where access to electricity will be critically important for the entire population.

COVID-19 - measures in Hafslund E-CO

Microscope image of the coronacirus. Photo: CDC, Alissa Eckert